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Lighthouse Adhesives proudly offers a range of flooring adhesives, including our innovative UN1 GLU and UN1 GLU Ultra. Both products are solvent-free and meet the highest industry standards, making us your go-to choice for flooring adhesives.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

UN1 GLU is a high-tack pressure-sensitive adhesive perfect for installing a variety of floor coverings, ensuring a strong, lasting bond with excellent moisture, pH, and plasticizer resistance.

UN1 GLU Ultra
Transitional Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

UN1 GLU Ultra takes it up a notch as a high-tack transitional adhesive that combines ease of application with a firm cure, suitable for a wide range of flooring types.

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Founded in 2023 by a coalition of industry experts, Lighthouse Adhesives sets out to redefine the flooring adhesive market. Built on faith, customer service, and cutting-edge technology, we unite old colleagues and friends to challenge conventions and drive excellence. As your beacon of performance, our mission is to empower you to surpass your goals and defend your freedom to excel in your craft.

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