Premier Adhesive Solutions for Resilient Flooring

Our meticulously crafted, solvent-free adhesives conform to the highest industry standards, firmly establishing Lighthouse Adhesives as the leading choice for commercial flooring solutions. With our products, you can trust in the precision and excellence of your flooring projects, ensuring the ideal bonding solution for a wide range of resilient flooring materials.


Our flagship product, UN1 GLU, is a high-tack pressure-sensitive adhesive meticulously designed to facilitate the installation of a diverse range of floor coverings, from the luxurious vinyl tile to modular carpet tile. Thanks to its remarkable resistance to moisture, pH, and plasticizer, UN1 GLU guarantees a robust, enduring bond and a long-lasting installation.

UN1 GLU Ultra

UN1 GLU Ultra sets a new benchmark in the realm of transitional adhesives. This dynamic adhesive is a high-tack transitional adhesive that is applied with the ease of a pressure-sensitive adhesive but solidifies as it cures.  Additionally, UN1 GLU Ultra is solvent-free and boasts excellent moisture, pH, and plasticizer resistance.


VCT GLU is a high-tack, solvent-free adhesive designed for immediate foot traffic and strong, durable bonds with VCT and felt-back sheets.

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