Lighthouse Adhesives

VCT GLU High Moisture VCT Adhesive

A high-tack, solvent-free adhesive engineered for immediate foot traffic and durable bonds with VCT and felt-back sheets.
VCT GLU - Both v2

 VCT GLU is a very aggressive, high tack adhesive engineered for foot traffic immediately after the installation is completed. VCT GLU is solvent free and offers excellent performance bond characteristics complementing its strong and durable bond with VCT and felt back sheet. 

Approved Floor Coverings:

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)
Felt-Backed Sheet


Download our Tech Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets for detailed product information and safety guidelines.


pH Range: 7-10

Relative Humidity (RH): Up to 95%

Dry Time: 30-60 minutes

Working Time: Up to 24 hours

Foot Traffic: Immediate Occupancy

Rolling Loads: 24 hours

Available in 1 or 4 gallon buckets.

Ensure a reliable and durable installation with VCT GLU—experience the high-tack, solvent-free adhesive designed for immediate foot traffic. Try VCT GLU for your next project today!

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