Lighthouse Adhesives

B4 GLU Sub-floor Primer / pH Reducer

A fast-drying, solvent-free adhesive that reduces concrete surface pH and porosity, enhancing bond performance for quick project turnarounds.
B4 GLU - 4 gal

B4 GLU is engineered for reducing concrete surface pH, surface porosity and to enhance adhesive bond performance. B4 GLU is solvent free and dries quickly. Resulting in a quick return to service for remodel and new construction. 


Download our Tech Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets for detailed product information and safety guidelines.


pH Range: 7-12

Relative Humidity (RH): Up to 90%

Dry Time: 20 – 60 minutes

Adhesive Application: Immediate When Dry

Available in 4 gallon buckets.

Ensure quick, reliable results with Lighthouse Adhesives’s B4 GLU—experience the benefits of reduced surface pH and enhanced bond performance for your next project. Try B4 GLU today!

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B4 GLU - 4 gal