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Technical Team Services

At Lighthouse Adhesives, our commitment to excellence extends beyond just producing quality products. Our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to product testing and comprehensive training, offering invaluable support that often makes the difference between success and failure. With technical support available throughout the U.S., we prioritize installer training and nurture customer partnerships, embodying the technical knowledge and proficiency that define our unwavering commitment to the industry.

Lighthouse Adhesives Technical Department Product Testing

Product Testing

For Our Adhesives:

RH - Moisture tolerance
pH - alkali limits
Viscosity and spread rate
Peel strength
Sheer strength
Bond strength
Product compatibility

For Your Flooring:

Dimensional stability
Moisture tolerance
Performance in a wide range of environmental conditions
Plasticizer migration
Environmental performance (heat, cold, humidity)
Lighthouse Adhesives Technical Department Training


On-site or remote:

Product knowledge and recommendations
Flooring industry best practices
Installation processes and procedures
Installation guidelines
Adhesive application guidelines
Proper substrate preparation
Acclimation requirements
Customized training to fit your application

Coming Soon!

Our Technical Bulletins page is in the final stages of preparation, where you can expect a treasure trove of valuable insights and documentation. Stay tuned for a wealth of technical knowledge, including in-depth product information, case studies, warranty details, and more. At Lighthouse Adhesives, we’re committed to providing you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date resources to support your technical needs. Get ready to explore a world of adhesive expertise like never before.

Lighthouse Adhesives Limited Warranty

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