In&Out GLU
Lighthouse Adhesives

In&Out GLU Multi-Use Adhesive

A superior pressure-sensitive adhesive engineered to meet all your flooring needs.
In&Out GLU - 4 gal

 In&Out GLU is a very aggressive, high strength outdoor adhesive engineered for the installation of a wide variety of direct glue-down carpet types. In&Out GLU is solvent free and offers excellent performance characteristics complementing its strong and durable bond for demanding outdoor and indoor applications. 

Approved Floor Coverings:

Enhancer Back
Woven Back
Double Bond/Double Glue Down Carpet and
pad installations
Unitary Back
Urethane Backed
Rubber backed
Most Outdoor artificial grass/turf
Cork underlayment and Cork floor covering
Marine back


Download our Tech Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets for detailed product information and safety guidelines.


pH Range: 7-11

Relative Humidity (RH): Up to 95%

Foot Traffic: As Soon as 16 hrs

Available in 4 gallon buckets.

Choose In&Out GLU for your next project—experience the high-strength, solvent-free adhesive engineered for durable bonds in both demanding outdoor and indoor applications. Try In&Out GLU today!

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In&Out GLU - 4 gal