Cove GLU
Lighthouse Adhesives

Cove GLU Universal Cove Base Adhesive

A premium, solvent-free adhesive with exceptional wet grab, designed for strong and durable installation of various cove base materials.
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Cove GLU is a very aggressive premium adhesive engineered with outstanding wet grab for the installation of a wide variety cove base. Cove GLU is solvent free and offers excellent performance characteristics complementing its strong and durable bond for challenging installations. 

Approved Floor Coverings:

Vinyl Cove Base (PVC)
Rubber Cove Base


Download our Tech Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets for detailed product information and safety guidelines.


Available in 30 oz tubes and 1 or 4 gallon buckets.

Experience the superior strength and performance of Cove GLU by Lighthouse Adhesives, the ultimate adhesive solution for your cove base installations. Engineered for challenging environments, it ensures a durable and reliable bond for a wide range of applications.

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